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Chicago Burlesque Show Tickets

VAUDEZILLA! Chicago Corporate / Touring Burlesque Shows

The shows listed below are curated 90-minute theme shows available for local bookings, as well as touring. Each show has a flexible cast of 6-10, with a focus on burlesque solos, duets, and group acts - and includes a refined assortment of musicians, vaudeville, and other variety acts, as well as a MC, if desired.

Each show can be customized to your personal taste - and can be performed as a bawdy strip-tease spectacular or in a more conservative, family-friendly environment. We have experience working within all budgets. Additional details available upon request.

To inquire about a show listed, CONTACT RED HOT ANNIE


Full of flappers, gams, and glad rags, the dames and daddies of Vaudezilla have the joint jumping with their tribute to the era of speakeasies, the Charleston, and jazz, baby, jazz!

chicago burlesque


This show features the hottest, steamiest burlesque and cabaret acts that only city like Chicago can offer! Full of sex appeal and accented with incredible costumes, dancing, magic, circus, and more this late night cabaret is the perfect aperatif for those who are just starting their evening's festivities!

chicago burlesque


With two feet planted firmly on the ground, Vaudezilla takes you on a sexy journey with this riotous carnival show. Full of freaks, geeks, and beautiful showgirls, you'll meet your favorite circus archetypes in this delightfully kitchy send-up of all things amusement park!

chicago burlesque

VAUDEZILLA! Peepshow Creepshow

Halloween at Vaudezilla is always a devilishly good time, and this year, you get a whole month's worth of fiendish frights and sexy delights! The freak flags are going to fly in "Peepshow Creepshow," a burlesque variety show that brings all the ghouls and monsters out to play. This show is chock full of sexy, scary fun.

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VAUDEZILLA! Trim - A Holiday Spectacular

Some folks love the holidays like a kid on Christmas morning. Some folks get stressed out with all the shopping, cooking, and relatives. No matter what part of the spectrum you're on, everyone will agree that Vaudezilla shows will lift your spirits with all of their trademark class and a touch of cheekiness! Whatever you like to celebrate, we'll have something for you!

chicago christmas burlesque Video Coming Soon!

VAUDEZILLA! Junk in the Trunk / Naughty Nostalgia

Check your irony at the door, folks, because this show is all about the special place in our hearts for all of the stuff we loved when we were younger, wider-eyed, and definitely more innocent. Whether it's music, a certain fashion sense, or a favorite possession, it all gets dusted off and put back on a pedestal for one night.

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VAUDEZILLA! Live Band Burlesque

Vaudezilla invites you to some old-school cabaret as we bring you burlesque and variety acts all scored to the live music of our new house band, The ROARchestra! Plus our patented Russian Roulette Burlesque! The performer comes out, picks a song out of a hat, the band plays, and no one knows what will happen after that. You have to see it to believe it.

live band burlesque chicago Video Coming Soon!

VAUDEZILLA! To Chicago With Love

Celebrate everything there is to love about the Windy City with a burlesque show about the sweetest, silliest, and sometimes sexiest sides of our home city. Forget your hour-long commute! Art, history, classic cuisine, even architecture are embraced in a one night burlesque tour that proves the Second City will always be first in our hearts.

chicago burlesque Video Coming Soon!

VAUDEZILLA! Women in Herstory

Take a trip with Vaudezilla as we celebrate the accomplishments of some of our favorite ladies of all time. We've got brainy broads and courageous ladies of all disciplines, art, science, politics and more. Join us as we pay homage to the trailblazers and shimmy-shakers of yesteryear.

chicago burlesque Video Coming Soon!

VAUDEZILLA! Silver Screen Striptease

Everybody loves the movies, and everybody loves burlesque. So who wouldn't want to see Vaudezilla's sexy tribute to the silver screen? It's like watching movies in 3-D, but without the glasses. Any movie, any genre, any era - VAUDEZILLA! "Silver Screen Striptease" will have something in it for everyone!

chicago burlesque Video Coming Soon!

VAUDEZILLA's "Rollin' Outta Here Naked: A Big Lebowski Burlesque"

Before there were all the rest, there was the best: Vaudezilla brings back its critically-acclaimed, box office smash hit burlesque tribute to "The Big Lebowski." All your favorite characters are back for another round of White Russians (or just a good sarsaparilla, if that's more yer style!), severed toes (by 3:00...with nail polish), and maybe even some In-N-Out Burger!

big lebowski burlesque Video Coming Soon!


Join Vaudezilla for a show where innovation leads the way, and absolutely anything goes! At Vaudezilla Follies, you'll get to see performers do things they've never done before, as they present brand-new acts fresh from their creative minds.

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