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becoming burlesque masterclass
Becoming Burlesque Masterclass
For over 13 years I've helped artists Uncensor themselves so they can put themselves "out there" more courageously - onstage, online, and in person. And I want to help you cultivate Self Love, to commit to the kind of radical self acceptance and self care that will help you unload the burden of invisibility and start standing out!

Join the Becoming Burlesque community - where artists of all ages, sizes, and abilities are welcome and celebrated! This program is unlike anything you've ever done - and it works from the inside to cultivate deep inner confidence that will be just as beneficial in the bedroom or boardroom as it is on stage.

7 days to burlesque

7 Days to Burlesque
Strip tease is an act of vulnerability - regardless of whether you're doing it for an audience of 1 or 1,000!

Through my 7 Days to Burlesque series, you'll have access to (7) 20-minute courses intended to help you build confidence and trust in your body while practicing the provocative art of sensual dance. Each lesson puts you centerstage and works perfectly with any style of music you choose.

Discover your own voice, practice loving yourself and your body, and raise your overall command and presence - impactful skills for onstage performance that are just as powerful in the boardroom as they are in the bedroom.

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