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VAUDEZILLA! Online Burlesque Classes

Burlesque is for everybody who has a body - at its heart, classes at VAUDEZILLA! Burlesque are a celebration of diversity and what makes each body’s story special.

VAUDEZILLA! Virtual burlesque classes are for people who:

- want a more daring way to practice self-care - by cultivating time to learn and practice new skills
- want an effortless way to exercise and tune into their body
- want an excuse to buy new lingerie ;)
- want to simply “BE” with themselves - to discover what they can create for no other reason than it feels good!

You are worthy of joy!

becoming burlesque

"Becoming Burlesque" Refund Policy

8-Week Mentorship with Red Hot Annie

Put your best, most juicy, and enjoyable Self centerstage!

Becoming Burlesque is a liberating 8-week intensive program and community that empowers Beings to transform their lives through sensual sacred dance, adornment, meditation, and writing.

Cultivate courage, authenticity, and unique story-telling while peeling back the layers of social conditioning and revealing your own sensuality and uniqueness.

For over 12 years, I have served thousands of people of all identities from all walks of life, so I know that you deserve to feel full ownership of your body, to listen to your intuition, and to express yourself in Love and Truth.


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7 Days to Burlesque
with Red Hot Annie

(7) 20-Minute Burlesque Dance Classes

$111 for 7 Videos

chicago burlesque classes

Doing something new and daring like Burlesque is a choice that only you can make for yourself. After all, many people have nightmares about being naked in public! Disrobing is an act of vulnerability - regardless of whether you're doing it for an audience of 1 or 1,000!

Through my 7 Days to Burlesque series, you'll have access to (7) 20-minute courses intended to help you build confidence and trust in your body while practicing the fun and sexy art of sensual dance. Each lesson puts you centerstage and works perfectly with any style of music you choose.

Discover your own voice, practice loving yourself and your body, and raise your overall command and presence - impactful skills for onstage performance that are just as powerful in the boardroom as they are in the bedroom.

With my unique approach, cultivated over 12 years of performing and teaching all over world, you'll enjoy fun dance drills including bump & grind, shimmies, floorwork, and improvising.

This is not only an effortless way to exercise, but a chance to step outside of your comfort zone through a program that encourages personal transformation and celebrates each body's special story.

All levels and genders welcome.

Every body welcome.

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Free the Turkey!
FREE Burlesque Webinar

Sat, Nov 28
2-2:45pm CST
$55 FREE!

chicago burlesque classes

Curious about working with Red Hot Annie via our virtual burlesque classes, but not sure it's a good fit for you? Try out some basic burlesque moves and we'll have you bumping, grinding, & shimmying in no time. In this 45-minute taster workshop, you'll have fun and learn more about the art of burlesque!

All levels and genders welcome.

Every body welcome.

Drawing on over 25 years of performance experience, Red Hot Annie is an award-winning, burlesque headliner who has performed thousands of times in 7 countries. She is also the founder of VAUDEZILLA, promoting Self Love & Radical Self Expression through the art of burlesque, based in Chicago. Through her workshops, Annie shares the power of art to transform and uplift. Tap into skillsets honed through two decades of entrepreneurship in the arts through her signature workshop "Unleashing Your Inner Goddess" on Wednesdays at 11am CST

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