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Vaudezilla Studios prides itself on offering you the highest quality classes in burlesque and the performing arts. To that end, we make a concerted effort to staff our classes with a faculty that brings a wide range of skills and expertise, as well as a commitment to ensuring that your experience is a positive and fulfilling one!

Meet our teachers!

Chicago burlesque classes RED HOT ANNIE - C.E.Oh! & Artistic Director
Drawing on over a decade of performance experience, Red Hot Annie is an award-winning, internationally-recognized burlesque headliner. She is also the founder of Chicago's VAUDEZILLA! (Chicago's top-rated burlesque show), Vaudezilla Studios (Chicago's top-rated source for burlesque classes) and the Windy City Burlesque Fest. A constant presence in Chicago burlesque, she has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad, with regular appearances all over Europe and the UK, most notably yearly appearances in France, where she has hosted (en français) and performed at numerous events and festivals.
Chicago burlesque classes KEITH EMROLL - Executive Producer & Technical Director
Keith Emroll brings 20 years of theatrical production experience to Vaudezilla. A constant presence at Vaudezilla shows, he can be found in any number of behind-the-scenes roles from Stage Manager to Lights/Sound Operator to Videographer.
Chicago burlesque classes RAVEN GEMINI - Company Manager
Raven Gemini is the gal that has it all! Her acts span genres, from horizon-expanding character work to beautiful classic dance pieces. She has been performing with Vaudezilla since 2012, and has performed at numerous national festivals including: the Windy City Burlesque festival, Show-Me Burlesque Festival, The Ohio Burlesque Festival, and the Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival in Anchorage, AK in 2017. In addition to regular appearances in the Chicagoland area, Raven can also be seen traveling throughout the midwest and beyond as a solo act and with her partner-in-crime, Monterrey Jacques. Raven regularly teaches intro burlesque and fan dancing classes, but you might catch her METALESQUE! class, if you're lucky!
Shirley Blazen is one heavy hit of Screwball and Sizzle. Serving high energy hijinks on her toes and on the mic, Blazen is an animated slapstick performer with finesse for funny. She produces Funny Grabs Back, a comedic variety benefit show and is the creative director of the Screwbelles, burlesque sketch ensemble. Her antics garnered acclaim wherever over-the-top, shticky, nerdy antics can be peddled. She's batty, brazen and Oh So Amazin' she's Shirley Blazen!
Chicago burlesque classes SECRET MERMAID
Secret Mermaid is a burlesque dancer and professional model with a background in vocal arts and musical theater. In her classes you'll be able to explore different burlesque styles, incorporate some yoga, and get a good workout! Secret Mermaid believes that burlesque is for everyone and we all have that something special inside us that can be brought out on stage.
Chicago burlesque classes PHAEDRA
Phaedra has had the pleasure of teaching at Vaudezilla for the past 7 years. She combines cultural and musical knowledge with dance technique in her classes to give her students a well-rounded education in the art of Middle Eastern dance.
Chicago burlesque classes PO'CHOP
Hell-bent on creating a repertoire that sparked conversations regarding notions of gender, sexual prowess, and race, Jenn Freeman made her debut as burlesque artist Po'Chop in 2010. Bringing over fifteen years of teaching and dance experience to the classroom, Po'Chop creates an atmosphere conducive to transformation and exploration all while encouraging all to leave an eight week session with a deeply planted seed of self-love.
Chicago burlesque classes LILLY RASCAL
This Chicago heartbreaker is ready to kick your ass while you can kiss hers! Lilly Rascal brings her energetic rock 'n' roll burlesque to the international stage and to a dance studio near you. With over 10 years of performance experience in modern dance, jazz, and pointe ballet, along with stage acting, film and voiceover work, she strives to create distinctive burlesque that is compelling and powerful. As an educator, Lilly infuses the knowledge gleaned from her body of work into her classes, offered as weekly sessions, traveling workshops, bachelorette parties, and private lessons. After cutting her teeth in the musical theater world, Lilly began her burlesque career in 2011, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and now resides in the Windy City, co-producing Parlor Tricks Burlesque when she is not touring and teaching. "She ensnared her audience with her forceful dancing"- Cloud Orchid Magazine. She is the original rascal without a cause, it's Lilly Rascal!
Chicago burlesque classes KITTY LA ROYALL
Kitty la Royall grew up making her own spotlight and performing for anybody who would pay attention to her. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Performance from Columbia College Chicago, has studied at Second City, and began performing burlesque in 2015. Kitty loves the bumps & grinds of classic burlesque, specializes in the slow burn style of neo-burlesque, and she loves to help her students find their confidence whether it be for the stage or for life in general. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.

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