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About Red Hot Annie, Keith Emroll, and VAUDEZILLA!

Vaudezilla was born in 2008 when solo Chicago burlesque performer Red Hot Annie teamed up with Keith Emroll to put their more than 20 years of combined theatrical production experience to work producing burlesque shows. Since then, they have injected a consistent display of vitality and originality that plays a key role in Chicago's visibility on the national burlesque map.

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With well over 500 shows produced since their inception, Vaudezilla's creative output is unparalleled and has become synonymous with top-quality live entertainment. In the early years, they set the standard for burlesque bar shows, which provided unprecedented performance opportunities for the entire Chicago burlesque community. Simultaneously, they produced several larger-scale theatrical burlesque shows which left an indelible impression on the Chicago burlesque scene, including the critically-acclaimed, nationally-recognized, box office smash hit "Rollin' Outta Here Naked: A Big Lebowski Burlesque."

Today, Vaudezilla focuses on curated theatrical offerings with its cabaret-style burlesque variety show that plays in residence at Stage 773. New casts every week and new themes every month ensure a unique entertainment experience for its loyal audience.

Vaudezilla has also become the go-to source for burlesque instruction and custom-made shows. Vaudezilla Studios offers numerous classes and workshops in the art of performance and body-positive disciplines, and they can build a show of any size for any audience or occasion. Thanks to the contributions of the entire team, Vaudezilla remains the premiere source for Chicago-based live entertainment production.


"The appeal of Vaudezilla is that you get guaranteed quality for a reasonable price."
- Scott Wilson, Quip

chicago burlesque "Vaudezilla is known for putting on the best authentic burlesque shows in Chicago."
- K.D. Hopkins, Chicago Theater Beat

"Red Hot Annie and her company members seem to get the historical essence of burlesque: witty, satirical humor blended with sex appeal."
- Kristen Mitchell, Cheeky Chicago

"Chicago's power couple of bump-and-grind"
- J. Scott Hill, Chicago Stage Review

"The local resurgence of burlesque seems to be fueled less by leering demand than by a supply-side yearning for outlets for sexual expression. Vaudezilla spares us both sides of the equation...Vaudezilla sheds the desperate tone that shrouds other shows."
- Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader

"[Red Hot] Annie's productions are gritty, abstract, and full of humor. Taking the basic idea of the striptease, she has evolved the concept into something fresh and created an open-minded space for unique expression. Historically, burlesque has been associated with parody, wit, gimmick, and upper class satire, all of which has not been lost on Annie and her fellow dancers."
- Creative Filth, Chicago

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