chicago burlesque classes


Teachers: Crocodile Lightning

Put your personal spin on any choreography by using a story line to guide your movements and facial expressions. Be sensual, be sweet, be funny, be weird! Be whoever you want to be. All while adding depth to your performance and captivating the audience. In a series of small group and individual exercises, you will bump and grind as different characters and experiment with different moods. This part movement, part improv workshop will help you create varied characters, push your comfort zone, and strengthen the connection you have with your audience. Comfortable clothes and shoes recommended. Bring water, imagination, and exuberance.

Crocodile Lightning will be donating 10% (and Vaudezilla will match 10%) of class registrations to the National Diaper Bank for this session.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no class on Friday, November 24th. A make-up class will be held on Saturday, December 9th

All levels and genders welcome.

Nov/Dec - no performance date this session

Prerequisites: None

Class Limit: 8