chicago burlesque classes chicago burlesque classes


Teachers: Po'Chop and Shirley Blazen

Vaudezilla's best known teachers & choreographers will bring things to the next level by teaching you how to express yourself yourself through dancing and using your body in the sensual art form of burlesque. In this class, you'll be encouraged to start developing a character, remember choreography from week to week, and all the while, you'll become familiar with the basic moves - the shimmies, bumps, and grinds - that form the foundation of any sexy burlesque act. Each class starts with a short warm-up, followed by drills, and the largest portion of each 90-minute class is spent learning burlesque within the context of short choreographed dances. No dance or theatre background is necessary.

All genders welcome.

Every body welcome.

This class offers the opportunity for a short group performance at the end of the session! (Not required.)

Prerequisites: Level 1/2 Burlesque and/or 1+ Year Professional Performance (or OK from Teacher)

Class Limit: 8