chicago burlesque classes


Teacher: Christine Eduardo

In this routine-based class, the goal is to connect with your inner sensuality through movement exploration and honing in on the feminine that every body has within them. You will learn a variety of movements, transitions, and sequences utilizing the whole room (floor, wall) and other props, which will provide the foundation to eventually move, dance, and unapologetically express yourself through improvisational movement. We will delve into different topics that will awaken your senses to help intuitively connect to your sensuality, body, and surroundings. This is an open-level class, no experience or pre-requisites needed. Layers, form-fitting clothes, socks/leg warmers, and kneepads (if you have them) suggested.

All levels and genders welcome.

This class offers the opportunity for a short group performance at the end of the session! (Not required.)

Prerequisites: None

Class Limit: 8